Distance Learning at SIS Zürich-Wollishofen

Lessons are continuing in a variety of ways.

At SIS Zürich-Wollishofen, lessons continue. Although the students can no longer physically be at school, we are still able to go to them through Office 365. 

Our first challenge was to ensure that all students could get online and be able to take part in the lessons with their classmates. We supported the students and parents as needed to get everyone on board as quickly as possible. Part of this process was to ensure that all families had enough devices at home, so we loaned out laptops to any student in need of one.

With Office 365, the teachers continue to work closely with the students throughout the school day and supporting them through their classwork. Teachers can address individual and group questions as needed through chats, emails and video conferences. Additionally, teachers are individually checking in with students throughout the week.

Lessons are continuing in a variety of ways which include regular assignments from the teachers, some of which can also be completed offline. Additionally, teachers are uploading video lessons and meeting in live sessions as a class or in small groups. The live sessions allow the students to feel more connected to their teachers and classmates.

Students can turn in their assignments directly on the Office 365 platform. In some cases they are submitting photographic or video evidence of their finished work. 

It is important that children stay active and also have a creative outlet during this time. Therefore, our sport, music and art lessons continue to be provided. Specifically in sports, the lesson is being spread out in smaller sessions throughout the week to ensure that students are encouraged to move every day.