Witches, ghosts, princesses, superheroes and everything in between!

With the night slowly drawing in and the leaves gradually turning to reveal their beautiful autumnal colours, we knew a special event was approaching. It was that time of the year again when we dust off our scary costumes in order to celebrate Halloween! 

Our day started with hordes of wonderfully dressed witches, ghosts, princesses, superheroes, and everything in between arriving at school. The teachers were particularly impressed this year with the creative (and sometimes very scary) costumes that children and parents had created or recycled. 

As children in kindergarten to grade 2 arrived, they placed their excellently carved and decorated pumpkins into the multi-purpose room. This allowed everyone to see and share their pumpkin designs during the break and lunch times, whilst still maintaining distance between classes.

The range of artistic ideas was wonderful to see, with everything from floral decorations to scary faces being on show. Although the children could not show off and present their unique costumes in our usual whole school "Halloween Parade", everyone did have an amazing time meeting their friends online. All classes had an opportunity to share their costumes with their buddy classes via an online virtual catwalk that added lots of excitement and a real sense of community to the day.  

We managed to celebrate an extraordinary and spectacular "spook fest" and we would like to thank all the children and parents for their hard work! Despite the current social distancing that the children and staff are undertaking, it was wonderful to see and feel such a joyous atmosphere around the entire school!