Hat's Off

to Grade 2 Fish and Frogs

Welcome to our Grade 2 music culmination project!

It has been a bustling end of the school year preparing and rehearsing for the musical theatre presentation of “Hat’s Off”. There’s been lots of noise, lots of comings and goings, and lots of farmyard folk. This fun musical takes us on a tour through the changing seasons of the year as Apple the pony tries to find a hat suitable for the weather. So, let’s moo, baa, and oink our way through the seasons. (Out of the Ark Music)

Musical Theatre is a great way to bring multiple aspects of music together by combining song, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. Using these techniques, Grade 2 told the story of “Hat’s Off”. It has been a lot of fun dancing and singing away. Hat’s off to all of Grade 2 and their teachers for their commitment, excitement, and time put in to practicing and preparing for this musical.