Sun, Snow and Smiles Everywhere

What a beautiful winter day!

The teachers arrived early in the morning to greet their students before our bus ride begun. After arriving in Grüsch Danusa, we ate our snacks and split into our levelled groups. Most of the students were skiing on the beautiful mountains and learning new tips from their ski instructors. Some of the students went to the winter village to participate in some fun activities, such as sledding. One group of students were also snowboarding and trying to make it down the mountains with some new skills. Some of the classroom teachers learned how to ski and were instructed by other teachers. After a couple of hours skiing, it was lunchtime. The students stayed in their ski groups and ate a delicious lunch in the restaurant, where they could also catch up with some of friends from the other groups.

After lunch, the students could ski for another two hours and then it was time to return to the bottom of the mountain. Then had our afternoon snacks, got into the bus and returned home.

Overall it was a wonderful day! It was great to see the students and teachers support and cheer one another. We look forward to our next Snow Day in Grüsch Danusa.

students in snowstudents having lunch