Welcome to Grade 1

Learning is Fun

Grade 1 is having a great time getting to know each other from sharing our personal experiences about the weekends orally, with pictures and words. In mathematics, we’re currently learning place value, tally marks and counting to 20.

We use unifixcubes, counters, and tens frames in a hands-on way to make learning fun and to get a better understanding of number sense.

Songs, rhymes and stories are helping us to learn our letters and sounds. Along the way, we’ve read "Hands Are Not for Hitting", "Chrysanthemum", "The Rainbow Fish", "Mean Jean: The Recess Queen", and "I Like Me", but our favorite is the "Pinkalicious series". 

Here are a few student reactions to what they enjoy in grade 1:

- “I like learning so much maths”.
- “I like learning to read”.
- “I like making new friends”.
- “I like drawing”.
- “Playing is fun”.

We’re looking forward to continuing our journey together through first grade. We’ve learned so much already and look forward to the rest of the year!