Primary 5 Class Camp

Adventures in and around Hasliberg.

From 5 to 9 September, grade 5 went to a class camp in Hasliberg. We stayed in C’est La Vie, a hostel located in the middle of the mountains. The hostel had the best food! We did some very interesting things, such as archery, an 8 km hike that took us up 500 metres to the Alpen Tower, and a petting zoo at the Ballenberg Openair Museum.

A couple of brave students (myself included) were strong enough to hike the Muggenstutz after the Alpen Tower hike. It was so cool because it included a labyrinth and a cave with a crystal in it! On the last evening we played Werewolf around a blazing campfire and looked at a sky full of stars. Overall the class camp was a great experience for students and teachers. We thank SIS for giving us such a great experience in Hasliberg!