Films Made by Mobile Phones

Two College Classes at the Exhibition

The students of the PPP classes 1CO and 2CO visited an interactive exhibition about  films made by mobile phones, created by adolescents. The exhibition was organized by the University of Zürich.

Mobile phones are used for many purposes. Next to the obvious purposes mobile phones are used for filming events found worth to remember or to be shown. The exhibition showed various films adolescents had taken, looking at questions like: Why do adolescents film with their mobile phones? What do theses films look like? Since when do we take films with mobile phones? The films showed every day situations filmed with a mobile phone, including the film which 2015 was awarded for the best film done with a mobile phone.

Filming with mobile phones often appears to be more authentic than photos or professional films just because they are sometimes blurred and fuzzy. So the atmosphere appears to be more realistic. Also the sense of togetherness of the affected group is consolidated. And the person who gets himself filmed can show off with some trick or performance.

Obviously there are negative effects of everybody being able to film with a mobile phone everything and everywhere. By law one may not film anybody without approval.  Contrary to the impression that is often given by  the media,  most of the films taken with the private mobile phones  are just for private use. To remember an important moment and to share this moment  with friends.