Advanced Secondary School

Providing a Solid Preparation for the Four-Year College Programme.

Following primary school, SIS Zürich offers a three-year advanced secondary school programme generally known as progymnasiale Sekundarschule. Since the curriculum is similar to the one used at college level and classes are largely taught by college teachers, it offers students an ideal preparation for continuing their education in the four-year college programme.

At SIS secondary level, English and German are equally important, both as languages of instruction and in other parts of day-to-day school life. However, unlike in primary school, each subject is generally taught exclusively in one language.

Computer Skills and Language Certificates

In addition to gaining the ability to participate in multilingual classes in a natural way, our students acquire solid and hands-on computer skills as well. They also enjoy a general education that is both broad and deep and have the opportunity to prepare for language certificates in English and French.

Benchmarking Tests

Our students sit national and international benchmarking tests in mathematics, German and English on a regular basis. These test results help our teachers evaluate our students’ performance and enable our school management to apply benchmarking with other schools.

Transfer to College

Students whose performance and interests meet the necessary requirements can continue their bilingual education at the SIS Zürich Bilingual College after two or three years of secondary school.

Student and teacher at SIS Swiss International School
Listening attentively at SIS Swiss International School