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Visiting the ETH

Gymnasium Nachhaltigkeit SIS Zürich

Our 4CO and 2 IB Students went to visit the ETH to meet for a project with the ETH Forrest Management.

Before sports holidays students of 4CO and 2IB participated in the Group 4 Project. This is an activity mandatory for IB students, from which College students can also benefit. The purpose of this project is for students to realise that science is a collaborative effort. No single scientist nor one discipline of science can change the world alone. In order for sustainable change to happen, many different players must be involved. 

To facilitate this understanding, experts from the ETH group Forest Management and Development presented an approach for finding solutions for environmental problems; they have created a game about specific environmental situations. The benefit of this approach is that multiple stakeholders (scientists, farmers, hunters, government) can be invited to play the game and reflect upon their actions. The game becomes the collaborative ground, which leads to positive problem-solving. Our students spent time playing the ETH developed game and then translated a range of Biological processes into their own games, with the aim of potentially facilitating collaborative solutions to the future Biological problems.