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Basel Primary 6 Tackle Sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit SIS Basel Primarschule/Grundschule

Primary 6 students at SIS Basel put on a Climate Change Exhibition, highlighting the need for change.

From studying the Industrial Revolution, where consumption drastically increased overall, to our current daily consumption habits, Primary 6 students took a closer look at how we use energy sources and manage waste. Students quickly highlighted plastics as a major contributor to the pollution of our earth. To raise awareness of plastics/microplastics in our oceans and on land, students created sculptures and watercolor/collage artwork using rubbish; the idea being "we are what we eat".

In addition, students wrote passionate sonnets, highlighting the need for change. Parents and students were invited to attend the Climate Change Exhibition. Many good conversations were had during this special event. We hope we have inspired others to keep the conversation going and create change in our community. Together with our sustainability group in school, we can make a difference.