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Project Week at SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz

Primarschule Sekundarschule Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz

Find out more about the exciting schedule of activities that occurred during Project Week at SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz.

At SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz, we take an innovative approach to Project Week by choosing activities and themes that reflect the current interests of our students and teachers. While we sometimes stick to one theme throughout the entire week, this year, the students rotated through 4 different themes. The ultimate goal for every Project Week at our school is character education; we use the last week of school to solidify our bond as one school community.

We began the week by dividing the Primary and Secondary students into four teams. Each team completed one activity per day: Sports, Engineering, Hiking, and Drama. By the end of the week, it was amazing to see how well the students interacted and worked with each other across the different grade levels. The teachers and students were all very proud to participate in another successful Project Week at SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz.