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Hiking Above the City

Kindergarten Primarschule Abwechslungsreicher Unterricht SIS Männedorf-Zürich

In glorious autumn weather we enjoyed our hike. Such fun and excitement to be amongst nature exploring.

In the morning we hiked in two groups: kindergarten and year 1 travelled into Zurich and walked through the Stöckentobel along the Elefantenbach creek. Years 2 to 6 walked along the Werenbach creek and crossed over to the Elefantenbach. Years 5 and 6 split away and continued hiking, crossing over the Degenriedbächli, enjoying lovely views from the Dolder hilltop.

Walking along the creeks you would not think that you were in the city. Lush green trees, quaint stone bridges, creeks with their drops and falls. The area has some of the most impressive ravine landscapes. All groups met at the elephant statue that is in the middle of the Elefantenbach creek, which gives it its name. There the children ate their lunch and enjoyed time in nature. They were creative with their play: some splashed about in the creek, some balanced on fallen trees, some built dams and small boats, others played amongst the trees.

After a relaxing afternoon we walked the remainder of the Stöckentobel path, enjoyed an ice cream and returned to school. It was a delight to be a part of the children’s adventure and to watch their joy throughout the day.