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Embracing the School’s Expectations Leads to Student Excellence

Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Basel

Within the SIS Swiss International School, we nurture young minds in a vibrant community. As Head of Kindergarten, I am excited to share the enriching journey our students undertake at SIS Basel.

Our kindergarten excels in bilingual education. Students effortlessly navigate both German and English, mastering languages and enhancing cognitive abilities. This linguistic flexibility sets a strong foundation for future learning.

We empower students to become independent and valuesorientated. Our curriculum encourages curiosity, critical thinking and empathy. By instilling strong values, we shape responsible, compassionate individuals. We go beyond academics, embedding values into our curriculum including SEL (social and emotional learning) lessons on Growth Mindset and Mindfulness. Our students evolve not only as scholars but as compassionate global citizens, ready to contribute positively to society.

Where Education Forms Lifelong Connections

Our school is a close-knit family. Students, parents and educators collaborate to create an environment that supports holistic development where diversity defines us. Students from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate differences. They bring unique perspectives, fostering cultural understanding and unity.

We celebrate Switzerland’s natural beauty through our forest kindergarten teaching. This approach capitalizes on local insights, using the rich outdoor environment to enhance learning, instill a deep connection to nature and develop well-rounded individuals.

Technology enriches learning, equipping students with essential digital literacy skills. Our commitment extends beyond kindergarten. We offer a seamless journey from kindergarten through to college, ensuring sustained growth. Many SIS teachers are seeing former kindergarten and primary students graduating from SIS. What a wonderful full circle!

Our school fosters lasting connections among students, parents and educators, creating a support system for life. Everything in education lies in the process. Step-by-step, we witness our students evolve into empowered, compassionate individuals, ready to leave their mark on our interconnected world.