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The Benefits of Having Elite Sports Performers in the School Community

Meilensteine und Erfolge Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Zürich

At SIS Zürich we are lucky to have several elite sports performers spanning a number of diverse disciplines, from motor racing to fencing.

We try to be as helpful as we can to accommodate tomorrow’s elite sportspeople. However, it is not all one-way; as several of our performers indicate, their efforts provide positive role modelling which influences their classmates.

Inspiring Role Models: Elite Sports Performers at SIS Zürich

Tina Hausmann, a successful Formula 4 racing driver, is happy to be a role model by inspiring others to focus on their life and fulfilling their passion, but as importantly for Tina is her impact as a role model on her fellow female classmates. She wants to show that women can succeed in areas that are generally perceived to be male dominated. This sentiment was echoed by Annina Frey, a talented rower: “The boys didn’t get it at first, I train eight times per week. They didn’t take my sport seriously, so I am being a role model.”

Our sports performers feel that time in school has benefitted from their sporting activities. Martina Arganese, an aspiring Olympic swimmer, has become more focused in class and is unwilling to allow things to pass her by: “Understanding my swimming has made me realise I need to understand everything that I do.” This has had a positive impact on her peer group, who have followed Martina’s drive.

Annina spoke about the change in her personality: “I have learned a lot about being in contact with new people and how a teamwork dynamic works with the balance between individual competition and the need for the group to succeed”. She has seen this make a definite impact on teamwork in school.

Tina highlighted the impact her sport has had on her work ethic and discipline in school: “I am motivated to prioritise my time as I sometimes have to fly back from a race and come straight into school and perform – either in lessons or in exams. This shows others that it is possible.”

Nurturing Student Athletes: SIS Zürich’s Flexible Approach

Our elite sports performers were all grateful to SIS Zürich for being flexible and helping them fulfil their goals. Martina says that SIS helps a lot by allowing her to attend her training session between half past seven and half past nine. Without this flexibility, it would not be possible for her to work towards her goals and dreams. Likewise, Tina is impressed with the trust that is placed in her by her teachers.

Whilst there are advantages to having elite sports performers in the classroom, it is important to create an inclusive and supportive environment that values all students’ abilities and interests.