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Grade 4 and the SDGs

Abwechslungsreicher Unterricht Stark im Verbund SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz Primarschule/Grundschule

Have you ever wondered what the 9th Sustainable Development Goal is? Why might this be an important goal to know to help our world? Check out what Grade 4 did over the past few weeks.

The Goals Project

We were very excited in Grade 4 to join The Goals Project, part of the SDGs project to highlight student knowledge and understanding of these goals. We joined schools from all over the world to participate in a learning community, sharing ideas and experiences of these goals.

Each week we watched the student ambassadors from around the world discuss important topics related to this strategy. We also discussed and organised our thinking and understanding of these sustainability goals. For our grade level we were chosen to work on Goal Number 9; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

It was a fun way to learn about this goal in more detail, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of the different elements involved in this one goal for a sustainable future.

This type of inquiry learning allows students to develop learning social skills such as cooperation, collaboration and open mindedness.


Designed for impact

Students learned and researched what each element of this goal means. How it relates to their life and what could be achievable at school. We decided as a class to make and design a sustainable street, with sustainable houses, made from sustainable materials.


We designed houses with this goal in mind to be more sustainable. We researched possible modern-day solutions to house building materials and alternative materials. Students felt that this had a maximum impact on their understanding and learning about this goal.


Packaged our solution and shared the impact.

Students worked each week to research and make a mini model street with houses for the future. They thought about housing design and materials normally used. They looked at alternative materials, including recycling some materials. They also researched solar power, waterpower and wind energy to reduce energy usage.

Materials used to build the mini street were recycled materials from home. At the end of the project students will share their street with Grade 3 students and explain the concepts involved.


Celebration of learning

This is planned when the class shares their learning with Grade 3 students. There will be an exhibit of the models designed and explaining how sustainable the houses are. This will allow students to reflect on their learning and the process involved.