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The Flavours of France

Abwechslungsreicher Unterricht Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz Primarschule/Grundschule

Our 6th grade students experience an amazing culinary adventure by sampling the flavours of the famous French cuisine.

"Croissant" and "Baguette" are two well-known words that anyone could recognize, even before knowing anything about the French language or its world-famous cuisine. To learn about French cuisine, a person could take a journey through the regions of this beautiful country and the learn of the specialities of each province. In the end, "La Ratatouille", "La Quiche Lorraine" or "La Crêpe" were successfully added to our student's French culinary vocabulary. Our 6th grade students had the unique opportunity to individually create an exquisite and tasty menu as an interactive activity in French class. This included creating the entrees, the main courses and the deserts that would be worthy of the reputation of a good French restaurant. The students elaborated interesting "chef d'oeuvres", not only from the traditional style but also from the renowned "nouvelle cuisine". The end results were not only delicious but also surprising! To further enhance the experience, the students set the tables in the classroom and created the perfect atmosphere of a "typical" French restaurant, which was full of "la joie de vivre et de manger". It was clearly time to exclaim "Bon appétit!