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Holes by Louis Sacher

SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz Sekundarschule Lebendige Schulgemeinschaft

What can we learn from magical realism and adventure stories?

A curse, a legendary outlaw, and lethal yellow-spotted lizards all weave themselves into the fascinating adventure story "Holes" by Louis Sachar.

In Sek 1, whilst enjoying the action-packed plot, students have identified some of the themes that make this book so universally accessible: Friendship and Bullying. Students will explore these ideas in the book and link them to their own experiences and our whole school’s focus on "community".

At SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz, we endeavor to teach our students the importance of friendship and explore the impacts of bullying to highlight the importance of a strong community. When students can make connections to this in the literature we are studying, that can have an even greater impact.