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Brain Power and Growth Mindset

Primarschule SIS Pfäffikon-Schwyz

Have you ever wondered how your brain controls your body, emotions and thoughts?

In Grade 5 we started learning about the parts of our brain and the areas of our body it controls. We listened to a book called "Your Fantastic, Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It" by JoAnn Deak. This helped us name and understand our feelings and emotions in a new way. It was also helpful to understand how learning takes place and the areas for the brain which are responsible for controlling our bodies. 

After this we learned about different zones of learning, such as, the comfort zone, the stretch zone and the panic zone. We noticed what feelings we had in each of these zones and begun to understand that true learning takes place in the slightly uncomfortable "Stretch" zone. This provides the just right amount of challenge for our brains to grow. 

Recently, we extended our learning about brain power to include growth mindsets and how this can help us improve our learning experiences. When we believe in our own ability, we can achieve more, learning can take place. When we believe we cannot achieve something or hold a fixed mindset, we are unable to learn as well. 

Next, we will continue to explore Growth and Fixed mindsets and develop strategies to increase learning opportunities. To become lifelong learners, who love learning challenges. We are excited to be challenged and think more about what learning is and what it looks like.