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SIS Basel wins at the School Sport Championships

Meilensteine und Erfolge SIS Basel

The SIS Basel came home with their fair share of trophies from the Basel School Sport Championships on the 17 February 2023.

The competition included representatives from many of the cantonal secondary schools in the city of Basel and the level of sportsmanship was evident at the beginning. The Basilisks, the name of the SIS Basel's communal multi-sport school team name took part in basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, table tennis, badminton and swimming. 

The teams all did very well with some nail-biting competition toward the end of the day. The teams made it to the podium throughout the day in most of the disciplines and came back to school in the afternoon with no less than 14 trophies to show for their efforts.

Particularly exciting were the men's and women's volleyball finals where the teams were neck and neck until the final buzzer sounded. The boys team ended their rounds with a big first place win and the women's team was inched out in the last seconds to take home a very respectable second place. 

Congratulations to all of the competitors who represented the SIS Basel!