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Ice Skating

Sekundarschule Abwechslungsreicher Unterricht SIS Zürich

At the end of the semester the SEK1 was happy to have some time outside the classroom on the skating ring of the Dolder.

For months the students of the SEK1 wanted to go ice skating with their class teacher. Unfortunately, the ice rink was always booked. Then on Monday, 6 March 2023, it was finally time for the SEK1s to hone their skating skills on the Dolder ice rink. With sometimes wobbly legs, they skated faster and sometimes more comfortably over the icy surface. Some skated more careful some were more daring. Some of the students practised various turns and little jumps, nearly looking very professional.

There was a lot of laughter and the students certainly enjoyed themselves, despite the colder weather. Gliding over the ice – well, most of the time – was a welcome change to sitting in the class room. We also learned that a group photo on ice skates has its pitfalls. It was a great event, that surely will be repeated next year.