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Preparations for the SIS Cup

Stark im Verbund SIS Schönenwerd Primarschule/Grundschule

Excitement builds for SIS Cup as Primary 6 athletes train for competition and camarderie.

As SIS Cup draws near, our seven Primary 6 students are filled with excitement and anticipation. The air is electric with the buzz of excitement as they train and practice for their chosen sport.

For many of these students, the competition represents a chance to showcase their skills, to demonstrate their hard work and dedication, and to push themselves to new heights of achievement. There is a palpable sense of camaraderie and team spirit as students work together towards a common goal. They know that the competition will be tough but they are determined to do their best and make their school proud. Not only are these children excited about showcasing their skills, but also for the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with students of the same age from different SIS schools. 

For these young athletes, the sports competition is more than just a chance to compete; it is an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to become better versions of themselves. With Kassel, Germany as the backdrop, they are eager to make the most of this special experience.