To ensure we remain one of the best in our field, we are committed to upholding a strong, sustainable business model.

With the establishment of SIS Basel in 1999, we laid the foundations for a success story that has since taken us from Germany to Brazil and is set to take us even further afield in the future. As part of the Kalaidos Swiss Education Group and the Klett Group Germany, we benefit from a unique network of schools and educational organisations that is concerned with good education on a daily basis.


SIS is recognised by the canton’s educational authorities and is a firm fixture on the Swiss schools landscape. At the same time, our schools are part of a growing SIS network within Switzerland and abroad.


SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG is a joint venture of Kalaidos Swiss Education Group and Klett Group Germany.


Andrea Furgler

Quality Policy

SIS guarantees a high level of educational and quality standards:

  • Structures and processes at SIS locations are continuously evaluated and developed.
  • At SIS Basel and SIS Zürich we offer an officially authorised bilingual Swiss Gymnasium with in-house examinations (Hausmaturität) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • All SIS schools periodically participate in the international benchmarking test ISA (International Schools’ Assessment).

General Terms and Conditions

Here you can view our general terms and conditions, which are part of our school contracts.


SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG
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