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Our School Fees at a Glance

SIS Swiss International School Rotkreuz-Zug is a private educational institution. We offer high-quality education as a service – and we are committed to offering this service in a transparent way.

Registration Fee

This one-time registration fee is non-refundable. Only after payment of this fee can a school place at SIS be guaranteed.


To Admissions

First child CHF 600,00  
Each further child CHF 500,00  

School Fees 2022/23

The school fees are billed in advance per semester. On request, arrangements can be made to pay the school fees in monthly instalments. School fees for mid-term admissions are prorated.


School level One payment at the beginning of the semester 6 monthly instalments (2 % surcharge)  
Kindergarten 1 and 2 CHF 12.540,00 CHF 2.132,00  
Primary intro CHF 12.540,00 CHF 2.132,00  
Primary 1 to 6 CHF 12.540,00 CHF 2.132,00  
Secondary 1 to 3 CHF 12.960,00 CHF 2.204,00  

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount of 10 % of the school fees is granted for the second, third, etc. child as long as more than one child per family is enrolled. The reduction applies to the school fees of the younger child or children.

Lunch (Optional)

All students have the option of signing up for a hot lunch. The children are supervised throughout the lunch break. Lunch can be ordered on a semester or daily basis. 


School level Full week (5 days) One day per week Single booking, per meal  
Kindergarten to primary 1 CHF 1.150,00 CHF 230,00 CHF 15,00  
Primary 2 to secondary 3 CHF 1.250,00 CHF 250,00 CHF 15,00  

After-School Care (Optional)

During after-school care from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., students can choose from a range of leisure activities (reading, painting, playing, etc.) or clubs, or they can go outside for some fresh air and enjoy themselves in the playground. Children are supervised by a member of staff at all times.

School level Full week (5 days) One day per week Single booking, per hour  
All school levels CHF 2.200,00 CHF 440,00 CHF 16,00  


Please contact our school office for more detailed information about the clubs and the costs.  


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