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Empowering Students to Become Lifelong Learners

Following primary school, SIS Zürich offers two options at lower secondary level: a six-year college programme (Langzeitgymnasium) or a three-year advanced secondary school programme known as the progymnasiale Sekundarschule A, which prepares students for the four-year college programme (Kurzzeitgymnasium) and the IBDP.

Bilingual Secondary School

At SIS secondary level, English and German are equally important, both as languages of instruction and in other parts of day-to-day school life. However, unlike in primary school, each subject is taught exclusively in one language. Great care is taken that students use both languages in as equal proportion as possible.

Preparation for College

Students are ideally prepared for continuing their education at college (Kurzzeitgymnasium). Depending on aptitude and preference, after the second or third year of secondary school A (progymnasiale Sekundarschule A) it is possible to continue the bilingual path in the SIS college (Kurzzeitgymnasium) and graduate with the nationally recognised bilingual Matura (Hausmaturität).

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Do SIS Swiss International School students have homework and when is it done?

At the lower year levels at SIS (kindergarten and primary school), homework is generally integrated into the school day. This takes place in designated time slots at the end of lessons as well as in the form of independent learning units during…

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Preparation for the IBDP

Students who after the third year of secondary school A do not continue their education at college (Kurzzeitgymnasium) or in an apprenticeship, can, after one IB preparatory year, complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and graduate with the IB Diploma.


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Digital Skills and Language Diplomas

In addition to gaining the ability to participate in multilingual classes in a natural way, our students acquire solid and hands-on digital skills as well. They enjoy a general education that is both broad and deep, and also have the opportunity to prepare for language certificates in English and French.

Benchmarking Tests

At our secondary school, our students sit national and international benchmarking tests in mathematics, German and English and achieve good results on a regular basis. Some students also take part in international competitions in mathematics, history and other subjects. We use the results to analyse the effectiveness of teaching and plan next steps in learning. Results are communicated transparently to parents and provide a basis for individual objectives.

What Sets Our Secondary School Apart

  • bilingual secondary school A
  • transfer to the SIS bilingual college (Kurzzeitgymnasium): Matura (Hausmaturität) and/or IBDP
  • solid, hands-on IT skills and preparation for official language certificates
  • personal and motivating learning environment
  • benchmarking tests

Student Life

Spaces that Invite Learning and Activities that Unterpin Our Culture of Learning

Student Life

Spaces that Invite Learning and Activities that Unterpin Our Culture of Learning

We are convinced that the place where students learn has a decisive influence on how they learn. We therefore place great importance on an open school space that provides a welcoming atmosphere to students, staff, parents and guests alike, thus creating a pleasant overall environment. We cultivate multiple signature school events and regularly participate in activities that involve all SIS schools around the globe.


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