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Our School Fees at a Glance

SIS Swiss International School is a private educational institution that is financed solely from school fees and does not receive subsidies from the Swiss national or cantonal governments. We offer high-quality education as a service – and we are committed to offering this service in a transparent way.

Registration Fee

This one-time registration fee is non-refundable. Only after payment of this fee can a school place at SIS be guaranteed.

To Admissions

Primary intro to primary 6 CHF 1.000,00  
In the case of transfer from FitzGerald
Bilingual Preschool
CHF 500,00  

School Fees 2023/24

The school fees are billed in advance per semester. On request, arrangements can be made to pay the school fees in monthly instalments. School fees for mid-term admissions are prorated.

School level One payment at the beginning of the semester 6 monthly instalments (2 % surcharge)
Primary intro
five mornings per week*
CHF 7.260,00 CHF 1.235,00
Primary intro
one afternoon per week (except Wednesday)*
CHF 725,00 CHF 123,00
Primary 1 to 6 CHF 10.360,00 CHF 1.762,00


*Primary intro: We encourage but do not enforce full-time attendance. To fulfil cantonal regulations, a minimum of 22 lessons per week is required. Each student must attend a minimum of four mornings per week (two German and two English). The remaining lesson requirements must be made up with a fifth morning and/or afternoon lessons, to be agreed between the parents and the school.

Lunch (optional)

All students have the option of signing up for a hot lunch. The children are supervised throughout the lunch break. Lunch can be ordered on a semester or daily basis. 


School level Per semester Single meal
Primary intro and primary 1 CHF 1.150,00 CHF 14,50
Primary 2 to 6 CHF 1.250,00 CHF 16,50

Before- and After-School Care (optional)

Before- and after-school care is offered in cooperation with FitzGerald Bilingual Day School. The children receive breakfast during morning supervision and a snack in the afternoon. During after-school care, students can choose from a range of leisure activities, cultivate friendships, go outside for some fresh air or relax. Children are supervised by a member of staff at all times.


Care time One child per family More than one child per family



7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

CHF 15,00 CHF 11,00



4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

CHF 25,00 CHF 18,00

School Bus (optional)

School transport is offered from and to the train stations in Aarau and Olten, arriving at school at 8:30 a.m. and leaving school at 4 p.m. Furthermore, a special pickup within about 20 km of Schönenwerd can be offered according to the possibilities of the school.

There is no rebate for non-use of a school bus seat due to illness, holiday absence or other reason.

Price per family and per semester if the whole semester is booked in advance:


Number of trips per week Aarau or Olten train station Special pickup
1 CHF 160,00 CHF 320,00
2 CHF 320,00 CHF 640,00
3 CHF 480,00 CHF 960,00
4 CHF 640,00 CHF 1.280,00
5 CHF 800,00 CHF 1.600,00
6 CHF 960,00 CHF 1.920,00
7 CHF 1.120,00 CHF 2.240,00
8 CHF 1.280,00 CHF 2.560,00
9 CHF 1.440,00 CHF 2.880,00
10 CHF 1.600,00 CHF 3.200,00
Single booking, per trip and family CHF 14,00 CHF 28,00


Please contact our school office for more detailed information about the clubs and the costs.

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Version 1 March 2023, errors and omissions excepted.

"Calli war nach dem ersten Tag schon begeistert und wurde mit offenen Armen empfangen. Er ging immer voller Freude in die Schule und schloss sehr gut in der 6. Klasse ab. Seine kleine Schwester Tilli ist nun in der 3. Klasse, spricht sehr gut Englisch (mit einem süssen amerikanischen Akzent, den sie wohl von ihrem Lehrer abgeguckt hat) und liebt Französisch! Beide Kinder waren und sind hier sehr gut behütet. Calli kommt, obwohl er schon in der 8. Klasse ist, immer gerne zu Besuch!"

Dory Czech, Mutter

"Very warm and professional welcome from the very first day across the entire SIS team. Great learning environment with plenty of opportunities for the kids to explore and develop. Our son loves going to SIS every single day and we do not want to miss the excitement anymore."

M. and S. Leitner, parents

"We have been extremely happy with the school and the education our children have received. The school is well run and the education structured and delivered in a caring, intelligent way. Our children, though different, both really enjoy school and are happy. The day structure has allowed us both to work while ensuring our children were well supported in their learning in both languages in a holistic environment."

Family Halsegger

"Uns ist das beste passiert, was Eltern passieren kann: Unsere Kinder sind gerne zur Schule gegangen! Der Grund ist sehr klar. Wir hatten jederzeit engagierte Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, die sich mit viel Herzblut für die Kinder eingesetzt haben. Das (Lern-) Umfeld stimmt."

Volker Probst, Vater

"What we love about our teachers is that they captivate children’s passion and curiosity. They are very child-centric, and proactively keep the parents in the loop as needed. As a working mom, I feel I am a full partner in our children’s learning and I extremely appreciate the time staff take to keep us in the loop of what is going, way before we ask for it. "

Idil Wittmann-Abubakar, mother

"We appreciate that our son loves to go to school, he learns and grows in a very caring and inclusive environment. As parents, it is important for us to have open discussions with the teachers about the progress of our son and this is exactly what we get. We also love to read the weekly summary of the teachers about everything the kids did and learnt!"

Tünde Lukacs, father

"The teachers are extremely attentive and caring to the children to help them navigate through the new environment and experiences. They learn through play and songs which makes school so much more fun for the kids. Our son has benefited from this and has developed tremendously socially and in learning in the first 1.5 years at the school. We are so happy that we have also registered our little daughter to join the school next year."

Family Weithäuser