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Self-made, painted paper boats hang on the wall as decoration. One of the boats is painted with the Swiss flag.

SIS Swiss International School Switzerland


SIS Swiss International School is recognised by the canton’s educational authorities and is a firm fixture in the Swiss school landscape. At the same time, our schools are part of a growing SIS network within Switzerland and abroad. We offer bilingual education from kindergarten through to college. The SIS programme is centred on consistent bilingual classroom instruction and peer experience in the national language and English, culminating in a national or international university entrance qualification. Currently more than 5.000 students from both local and internationally mobile families attend classes at one of the 17 schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil. SIS is a company of the Kalaidos Swiss Education Group which belongs to the Klett Group Germany.

Kalaidos Swiss Education Group

Kalaidos unites educational institutes of all levels and directions, from kindergarten to the university of applied sciences, from general education schools to specialised further education institutes. In addition, the group includes various companies that produce and distribute digital and analogue educational media. As a partner to people in all stages of life and to companies of all sizes and sectors, Kalaidos offers requirement-based, goal-oriented and efficient educational services.

Kalaidos Swiss Education Group

Klett Group Germany

Founded over 100 years ago, the Klett Group is one of Europe’s leading educational companies and is represented in 18 countries. The group’s portfolio includes traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools, as well as lesson-planning materials and specialist and classic literature. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres to on-site and distance learning schools right through to universities for on-site and distance learning.

Klett Group Germany


Which school levels does the SIS Swiss International School offer?

SIS Swiss International School offers a single unified learning concept – from kindergarten through primary school to secondary and college level. Because we cater to all education levels (sometimes even under the same roof), we can facilitate a…

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Our sustainability ambition: we model what we teach

A Long-Term Perspective Implies Acting Sustainably

Not only how we operate as a school but especially how and what we teach has an impact on future generations. We are aware that as an educational institution, we hold a double responsibility in society for the matter of sustainability. We are therefore committed to sustainability in two ways: firstly, as a company we are striving for climate neutrality. Secondly, we anchor sustainability in education and promote sustainable, cross-curricular and cross-level initiatives launched by sustainability teams in the individual SIS schools.

Quality Policy

SIS Swiss International School guarantees high educational and quality standards:

  • We regularly review the implementation of the curriculum. This is to ensure that the excellent teaching and learning standards that apply to all SIS schools are met and that our students receive the best possible learning experience.
  • Structures and processes at SIS locations are continuously evaluated and developed.
  • At SIS Basel and SIS Zürich, we offer an officially authorised bilingual Swiss Gymnasium with in-house examinations (Hausmaturität) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).
  • All SIS schools periodically participate in the international benchmarking test ISA (International Schools’ Assessment) and the national benchmarking tests Lernlupe and Lernpass Plus.

General Terms and Conditions

Here you can view our general terms and conditions which are part of our school contracts.

Download: General Terms and Conditions

CEO and Address

CEO SIS Switzerland:

Verena Simpson


SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG
Seestrasse 269
8038 Zürich


+41 44 206 47 27


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