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Children play on the merry-go-round in the playground.

Together We Laugh, Celebrate and Challenge Each Other

We are convinced that the place where students learn has a decisive influence on how they learn. We therefore place great importance on an open school space that provides a welcoming atmosphere to students, staff, parents and guests alike, thus creating a pleasant overall environment. We cultivate multiple signature school events and regularly participate in activities that involve all SIS schools around the globe.

Learning Spaces

SIS Zürich is home to a complete school infrastructure. The spacious school building houses two dozen classrooms, various special-purpose rooms for art, music and woodwork, and a gym and library. In their lesson-free time, students enjoy being in the cafeteria or on the rooftop terrace.

  • art room
  • music room
  • media library
  • science lab
  • cafeteria
  • indoor sports hall
  • sports ground
  • playground
  • rooftop terrace
Older students play chess on the floor on the school roof terrace.
Children playing on the slide outside in the school garden.
A few children are playing on the sports field in front of the school. In focus is a boy playing with a football.
Small children sit at their desks in the kindergarten classroom.
A class stands in a circle in the music room and sings together. There is a drum kit in the background.
Three girls are sitting at the desk, looking into their laptops and laughing. Two girls are standing behind them.
A class is in the laboratory with the teacher. The teacher shows the students an experiment.
Samichlaus visits the primary school students at school.
Little children celebrate their kindergarten graduation. A boy has a rose and a leaf in his hand.
Four girls are dressed up for Halloween.

Our School Traditions and Signature Events

We aim to foster a sense of community in a variety of ways: school assemblies, projects involving different class groups, sports days and the celebration of local and international holidays and traditions.

Annual school traditions at SIS Zürich are:

  • Snow Day
  • Sports Day
  • Vernissage / kindergarten graduation
  • Matura celebration
  • Halloween
  • Samichlaus
  • Christmas concert

SIS International Activities

For our students, we organise numerous activities that promote international exchange. In particular, the SIS Cup and the annual Intercountry Activity provide a shared experience and a glimpse beyond the boundaries of a school.


During the SIS Cup, which spans two days, the focus is on sports, fairness, and fun. Teams from all SIS schools compete against each other in individual and team disciplines, while everyone cheers, plays, sweats, and laughs.


In addition to sports, we also connect our learners through the annual Intercountry Activity. In previous years, we have organised international math days, a gift exchange, a storytelling exchange, a photo campaign, and an IT activity using Ozobots.


Furthermore, we recognise the three best written theses by SIS graduates with the SIS Best Essay Award. These written works are produced as part of the final examination for national university entrance qualifications or the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.


We will continue to develop exciting formats. Join us and be a part of it!

The SIS Cup floorball tournament takes place in a big school gym. The national flags of Germany, Brazil and Switzerland hang from the ceiling.

SIS Cup: sport, games and a lot of fun

Two boys fighting for the ball in floorball in a gym.

Team sports and individual competitions make for a good mix.

A girl photographs the viewer with a large camera. Her face is covered by the camera.

Photobook Activity: all photos were taken on 2 April 2019.

A girl and a boy concentrate on solving maths problems in front of a computer during SIS Maths Day.

Speed and logical thinking are in demand on Maths Day.

A group of pupils curiously bend over an opened parcel as part of the parcel swap activity.

Parcel Swap 2021: 96 SIS classes took part.

Extracurricular Activities

For a Varied School Day

Extracurricular Activities

For a Varied School Day

As a school, we are committed to doing everything we can to support children as they grow up and to provide a valuable complement to their family life. This includes offers such as lunch, homework supervision, before- and after-school care, flexible drop-off and pickup times, and exciting activities, even during school holidays.

Learn more about our extracurricular activities

Two girls are drawing something on the floor outside.

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