SIS Männedorf-Zürich

A high-quality bilingual learning environment - embedded between lake, urban and rural areas - between Switzerland and the world.

Welcome to SIS Männedorf-Zürich! Ever since Zürich has been home to multinational companies, families from all over the world have chosen this region as their preferred place of residence – internationality has long become part of the regional culture. Since 2009, we have been offering immersive, bilingual education from kindergarten to primary school at our beautifully located school, directly by Lake Zürich.

Dear visitors,
Since 2009, SIS Männedorf-Zürich has been putting the bilingual school concept into action – with success. Located right by Lake Zürich, our modern school building provides a stimulating and diverse learning environment. The students are fond of the spacious area around the school building, which offers plenty of opportunities for play and recreation.

Both local and newly arrived parents appreciate our bilingual education and our day school structure in this family-friendly region.

The two school languages, German and English, act as a bridge connecting over the twenty different nationalities represented under our roof. From kindergarten to grade 6, everybody knows each other just like in a big family.

We aim to foster a sense of community in a variety of ways: school assemblies, projects involving different class groups, sports days and the celebration of local and international holidays and traditions.

Goal-oriented lessons and a healthy competitive spirit are what make our international and bilingual learning environment unique at SIS Männedorf-Zürich.

Come by and see for yourself!

Lisa Cummins


The video presents SIS Männedorf-Zürich. Enjoy watching it!