Projects in Arts and Design

Fish Colour Wheel and Op Art

After learning the elements of art and how they are the building blocks of any artwork, with year 3 we have been focusing on colour theory. We went over the colour wheel in a more detailed way: besides primary and secondary colours, we learned how to make tertiary colours, the difference between warm and cool colours, what analogous and complementary colours are, and how to use them in a work of art. The result was a fun fish colour wheel project.


One of the projects we made with year 5 is on Op Art. Students were introduced to various Op Art artists and learned what Op art is (Optical Illusion Art). We reviewed together the element of art of Value and learned how to create subtle value changes, using a black coloured pencil in the white areas to create shading and shadows, and a white coloured pencil in the black areas to create highlights. Students loved to see their work slowly taking form and the 3D effect emerging!