Friends and Reading

The beginning of school brought much excitement to the SIS Zürich-Wollishofen school yard. Students entering Grade 1 were particularly wide eyed as they turned their backs on kindergarten and entered the main school building with excitement and a little trepidation. One month on it is great to see that everyone is feeling comfortable with their new routines and surroundings.

On the first day of school many students recorded their main wishes for Grade 1 was “make friends and learn to read” and we have done a number of activities connected to these wishes. Our class members have been getting to know each other by sharing their holidays, weekends and other special occasions during our circle time discussions. They have listened to and reenacted the book Marvin Gets Mad by Joseph Theobald in order to examine how angry actions impact our friendships and what it takes to be a good friend.

Another read aloud favourite has been I Am a Tiger by Karl Newson. Much to the students' delight the repetitive phrasing made it easy for them to read along in unison. During our shared reading time the students have also been listening carefully to the starting sounds of words and are enthusiastically identifying the letter sounds from our phonics lessons. Some students have even managed to use their developing sound blending skills to read a few familiar words and phrases!