Developing and nurturing social skills, strengthening the school’s community spirit and providing support for working parents.

Sharing a communal meal brings us closer together, it is a time to relax, chat or exchange experiences and ideas, and it is enjoyed by students and supervising staff alike. Lunch can be ordered on a daily basis, providing maximum flexibility to modern families.

All students at SIS Zürich have the option of eating lunch in our cafeteria. The operator of the cafeteria is the ZFV catering group, who puts together a lunch menu that offers children a healthy, balanced meal they will enjoy.

Costs are not included in the school fees, the registration for this must be made separately via the ZFV registration platform.

Lunch is available from Monday to Friday and the children are supervised throughout the lunch break by a member of staff. Parents have the option of sending their children to school with a packed lunch. A microwave and drinking water are available. Children who bring their own lunch eat together with everyone else in the cafeteria and are also supervised.

Between lunch and the start of afternoon classes, there is time for the children to have fun and play, generally outdoors, or – in case of bad weather - inside.