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A Brilliant Musical Performance

Student Life SIS Schönenwerd Primary School

Our talented music teacher, Ms Argentino, led out students to the best of their abilities.

After many weeks of practice, the day finally came when the SIS Schönenwerd students could show off their newly acquired talents. All the hard work and dedication finally paid off for a lovely show.

Kicking off the concert, lower primary students took the stage and got the festivities rolling with a song and coordinated dance. Primary 5 students assisted the dancers, engaging with their fellow performers. The high energy remained when Primary 3 and 4 came on and sang their hearts out. They exemplified the show’s theme, Greatest Hits, and kept the audience engaged.

Finally, Primary 5 and 6 brought the program to an exciting conclusion with a heartfelt tribute to parents and teachers alike. This transforming experience turned the musical adventure into an unforgettable show. The audience witnessed a heartfelt student performance, led by the capable Ms Argentino. A big thanks to all who attended and supported us!