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SIS Basel and the ISTMF Competition

Milestones and Achievements SIS Basel

Our students took first place in the challenging and highly competitive code-breaking competition.

The International School Teacher's Mathematics Foundation (ISTMF) Maths Competitions are the pinnacle of maths rivalry throughout international schools across Europe. They are the culmination of a lot of effort and work amongst the participants and a chance to showcase their skills.  

SIS Basel once again sent our middle school maths team to the latest ISMTF maths competition in München, Germany. Through 10 intensive rounds of questions, the students from different schools went head to head with the winner taking all. Our participants including Titus, Isaiah, Sophia, Josh, Giancarlo and Ludwig from our Year 7 and 8 classes gave it their all throughout the competition and made SIS proud. 

While we didn't take home a medal for the main competition this year, our team did win first place in the code breaking competition. This new event was extremely competitive as the students had to use applied skills to find a final solution. Congratuations to all of our participants!